Report this video Select an issue. Knowledge of the action of cosmic intersection, going into different planets, stars, realms, and multiverse, entering 26 dimensions, watching the above-mentioned places from a distance. In May , Mukesh Khanna announced that the show will be renewed and he will reprise his role of Shaktimaan. Jackal an evil scientist and others. Hema accidentally opens the sarcophagus and unleashes Kashtak, a servant of Tamraj Kilvish. It was later revealed that only Shri Satya can kill Tamraj Kilvish. Their names originate from the Urdu word Khalbali which means commotion.

Knowledge of the action of cosmic intersection, going into different planets, stars, realms, and multiverse, entering 26 dimensions, watching the above-mentioned places from a distance. He is a genius and is very powerful, with the help of his brain power he can break anything and even kill anyone. Add the first question. In the present day, the mayor of Mumbai, Jai Kumar Janardhan a. Subkar and Sheena are badly injured and turn. Although he was involved in the grave robbing crimes, he was not shown successful with any of the dead bodies he collected.

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He first spread destruction in the city by showing himself as Ranjeet Singh, Shaktimaan’s father, but dies due to the attack of nitrogen gas which him, sbaktiman he again re-emerges. The most dangerous creation of Dr. She was saved by Suryanshi samuday, who want to help her. After a few weeks, he became a co-reporter working with Geeta. Shaktimaan was one of the most popular and longest-running television series for Indian children on the Doordarshan channel.

She made the jungle of Karadungaher penthouse, a mysterious place eipsode that no one can come there. Shaktimaan 29th January Video Watch Online pt3.



When he comes to life he kills Dr. Short stories of a south indian village by R. Kashtak used to terrorize the world and was imprisoned nearly years ago by the curse of Komalatha, a lady sage. Her role was played by actress Sunila Karambekar as a villain. Shaktimaan was depicted as a human who has attained superhuman strength and power through deep meditation and attaining control over five elements of life.

Later Shaktimaan took all light from Lightman and took it inside his body which made him extremely weak but he managed to fly to sun and transferred the light in the sun.

Subkar they try to kill germs, but Dr. Throughout their appearances they constantly argue and reconcile with each other over inane reasons. He first met Shaktimaan as Gangadhar when he lost his memory.

Unlike most of other assailants of Shaktimaan, he is very sharp and analytical. Add the video to your site with the embed code above. They are aliens from Sudoku planet. An extremely dangerous humanoid clone created by Dr. His glance follows the rules of electro-magnetic radiation and can be reflected. Jackal, Dhaktiman his assistant shktiman, Kitanuman, along with 3 dangerous criminals of space and sentence them in the Inter-Galactic Prison A prison made in galaxy near the sun made by the space guards Mr.

Whenever he gets any important job to do, he says that he has written a book on it which had never been published. Yes No Report this. Chandola claims that Electric man was his son, whom he killed so that he can resurrect the dead body with electricity.

Retrieved 23 October Complete knowledge of yoga, without living water, food or living of air, travel by sky, journey of invisibility, velocity equal to light, knowledge of all languages, knowledge of languages of birds and tree plants. Without recognizing friend from foe he kills everyone in his path and spreads destruction in the city. He murdered Shaktimaan’s parents and his adoptive father, Pandit Vidyadhar Shastri.


Not many of his powers are revealed in the series. He is a really powerful Suryanshi or even one of the most powerful Suryanshis, he possesses telekinetic power and can bring anyone to himself and even no one can move if he catches them.

He along with Visdhar, Behroopia and Chinksu spread a lot of destruction in the city but was defeated by Shaktiman and 0100 other powerful Suryanshis. Shaktimaan has superhuman powers which lie inside his body in his seven chakras of Kundalini attained through meditation.


Nupur Alankaar plays the role of Kaamini, a flirty, filmy gossip writer in the newspaper Aaj ki Aawaz. Mayor JJ died in shock at seeing Kakodar’s true form.

This was the shakyiman that this series brought in the minds of children, though not only children watch it. He added, “When I had planned the serial I wanted the kind of special effects seen in SupermanSpiderman and Terminator.

Subkar is the owner of Inter Gallactic Prison. It makes her angry and so psycho that she creates her own world where she rules like queen.

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