I saw Kibago with a worried look rolled my eyes at that, but it’s okay , and I didn’t think too much of that since I thought it was just for emphasis. Back at camp, Iris mixes up the medicine for Scraggy, and Ash feeds it to him, but it does not taste very good. Later on, everyone is asleep. Iris yells to Axew not to give up, and calls for a Dragon Rage attack. Iris and Cilan both agree that this is bad, and Ash and Pikachu jump into action to save Scraggy! Create Account Forgot Password. JavaScript and Adobe Flash 9 or above are required to view this video.

Personal tools Create account Log in. He looks pretty aggressive,hopefully that means it’ll grow fast and will be able to battle by time the 4th gym comes along. Scraggy remembers, and then Ash says that Iris found medicinal plants to help him, and Iris says that Axew helped too. Ash asks Scraggy if that is true. Zager says that there is no doubt, that the material that the Meteonite is made of is not found on Earth. I love things like that. Then Iris says the same thing to Axew, who also agrees.

The next morning, Scraggy awakens, surrounded by Ash and friends. She then uses her Leaf Storm attack on the same Galvantula. Episore uses his Ember attack to counter an Electro Ball attack from another Galvantula. Ash says that sounds like a good idea, and Iris asks if Axew would be interested, and he responds in the affirmative.

Some weird people were in this episode though Iris mentions to Axew that this is the first time that he has seen an Egg hatch, and Cilan agrees that everyone is looking forward to it. Finally Ash’s team is complete, it’s funny that people thought it would be like the togepi incident, from the description, it looks like a good episode, especially Zuruggu and Kibago having a battle ending in a draw.

Scraggy—Hatched to Be Wild!

And eventaully it was a draw between Ash and Iris, and Ash got it in the pokeball. Then Scraggy tries to headbutt Snivywho is sitting on a rock, but Snivy easily dodges, and Scraggy hits the rock instead. Iris comments to Sxraggy that he has a troublesome baby brother, to which Axew agrees. On their way to Nimbasa City, our heroes come across a Trainer and his Blitzle who put Oshawott to the battle test! Your name or email address: I’m not sure what to say is the main plot, whether it was showcasing the development of a camaraderie amongst Ash’s group of pokemon, or saying that Kibago right on the name?


Zager says that there is no doubt, that the material that the Meteonite is made of is not found on Earth. Hope it keeps it’s character. And I hatxhed at Kibago thinking he would be a big brother to it. Ash catches Scraggy, and when he sees that Galvantula is charging up another Electro Ball attack, he orders a Thunderbolt attack from Pikachu, which hits Galvantula, and drives it back into hiding in the tree.

Ash then asks Scraggy if that is enough for now, to which Scraggy responds by headbutting Ash.

Pokemon Black and White features Scraggy: Hatched to be Wild

If I am to make a guess I would say the writers are going to give Genesect story to TR just because they have a similar story with Mew-two. That’s not believable in the slightest; no way Ash wouldn’t have followed his pokemon in that type of situation. Please remember to follow the manual of style and wilr of conduct at all times.

Ash asks Scraggy if that is true. Scraggy was attacked by Galvantula but Pikachu saved it.

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The group fight scene was the best part, probably. The Galvantula surround Scraggy, and he looks on defiantly. Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!

Its great that all of Ash’s Pokemon got a chance to train on screen, and the hopefully we’ll see Mijumaru’s an evolution soon. You are successfully logged out. It is Ash and all of his friends, here to save the day! Ash asks if Scraggy is all right, to which it responds in the affirmative. More than one case of them getting pissed off at each other makes for some great entertainment. Then Ash orders Scraggy to use Headbutt, which is also effective. Scraggy shows great courage and tries to stand up to them despite being outnumbered.


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Also loved how the other mons behaved around it. Do you already have an account?

Then Iris says the same thing to Axew, who also agrees. Everyone is shocked that Scraggy would make such a reckless move, and before the attack can land, Scraggy is hit by Galvantula’s Electro Ball attack! Cilan proposes that maybe Scraggy was trying to take revenge. Everyone wonders about Scraggy’s aggressive nature. It was good to see them have a nice amount of screentime, but I think it should have all been in one long cut instead of three separate scenes.

Pokemon S14E17 Scraggy-Hatched to Be Wild – video dailymotion

Return to Login Forgot Password. Iris is glad to see that it has recovered, and Cilan asks Scraggy if it can remember what happened yesterday. Scraggy seems to be a loner, choosing to eat by itself rather than join the group for dinner.

Ash eepisode calls for a Leer attack from Scraggy, which Cilan notes has little effect. When the smoke clears, both Axew and Scraggy unable to battle. Ash and Iris tell them not to fight. Axew jumps out of the sleeping bag whihe looks around for Scraggy, then wakes up Iris, who wakes up Ash, Pikachu and Cilan. When Axew sees this, he is alarmed, and goes back to get the others. This video has been licensed to ShareTV for distribution purposes.

Then Snivy uses her Vine Whips to yank Oshawott out of harm’s way of a Galvantula that was about to land on him.

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