Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Outside the house, Adam looks suspicious. Carmy and Ollie come back from the hunt, and Carmella interrupts Harold praying at the bar. With the kids standing under the arbour, Karl puts his arms around Susan’s shoulders, and leads her home. Carmella politely declines, but is interested in the idea of getting her own business online. Susan tries desperately to get her point across. Susan puts on some very fake smiles, but her eyes can’t hide the fact that she’s barely registering anything. Doesn’t she ever watch American drama?

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! No, no that’s not how it is. As they argue, Karl looks more and more upset in the lounge, and he tells them to be quiet. Nick and Laura ask him how he is, but his mobile rings and it’s Rebecca. Nick returns and tells Laura that Oliver is freaking out, now, and they should send him the video they have of Declan. The Assassination of Gianni Versace:

They switch it back on after 43 seconds yes, I timed it. Erinsborough Hospital where the Distress is Overwhelming Miranda and Steve keep watch over their daughter, but for some unexplained reason decide to leave the room. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: I don’t want you to fight it. Neither do Rachel and Zeke, who try and make her feel better by telling her the pets missed her loads epusode night, didn’t eat properly.

You should sleep on this. Adam tells them that Susan’s being charged, and leaves. Five star all the way. You think I’d let you go through this alone? Lou Carpenter Stefan Dennis What if she doesn’t make it? Ringo Brown credit only Ben Lawson How could you hit someone and not know? She asks Harold to lead them all in prayer, she knows she’d appreciate it.


They pass Valda eipsode Steph unpacking e;isode from Steph’s car. They should make aeroplanes out of that stuff.

Neighbours – Episode 5315

Who was the Episode MVP? She lowers her eyes and stares at nothing, and Karl reaches over to her, takes her hand. I just need a minute. Well why the hell didn’t you come forward sooner?

She clicks her fingers.

And then Miranda, who has stood by quietly throughout, explodes with anger at the state Susan has left her daughter in. No summary could do the rest of this scene justice; the emotion and sadness and tragic-ness of it is absolutely horrific.

Neighbours Episode 5315

Edit Storyline Oliver’s joy over Declan’s clearing lasts only a minute: Oliver agrees, and wants to speak to Dec, but Nick refuses. I don’t want you to fight for me. Number 22 Oliver’s phone rings and it’s Nick again. Susan tries desperately to get her point across.

Nick and Laura sit on the bed together. Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Number 22 Rebecca is on the phone, being told that Declan is off the hook. How could you hit someone and not know??

Susan says she’ll never forget the look of loathing on Miranda’s face, but Karl confides that he was so proud of her, being brave and honest about what had happened. Karl it’s my home. He strops out the bar, and FatCarmella hurrah waddles after him. He’s on the phone to his mum, and says he has no more news.

Cut to Briget’s room where the doctor is telling the Parkers that they need to turn off Bridget’s ventilator, see if she can breathe on her own. Dec gets a new message on his phone. Karl reaches out his arm to her and, taking her hand, they walk into the police station together. Dec puts the phone down and tells them it’s really serious. Susan sits alone in her cell, looking lonely and scared when she hears her door being opened; she looks up to see Toadie.


Only til they’ve processed it, then she’ll be home. You just fell asleep??? In the dark, the Kennedys look right at each other.

But the kids get to her first, throwing their arms around her. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Paul. Carmella politely declines, but is interested in the idea of getting her own business online.

Neighbours Episode

Needless to say, the main neigbours actors here are perfect in their delivery:. This Week’s Top Trailers. And with tears on her cheeks and still wailing, Susan cries out in utter desperation: Police Episod where it could Spell Disaster Neighoburs, Karl turns to face Susan, who looks like she wants to lean on him, but they’re interrupted by Sophie arriving. This causes Adam to become suspicious, as suddenly, Rebecca does not want the police looking for her son anymore.

They are condemning Declan’s actions, and Steph reports that there is no news from the hospital, Bridget’s still the same. Susan’s a good person. Abuse of the TV. Declan disagrees, and goes to leave, but Nick stops him and pushes him back to the bed. He comments that the kids will be wondering what happened to them, and suggests they don’t tell them tonight after the day they’ve had.

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