Oct 19, at 1: Jul 17, at 7: As I cautioned last time I reviewed the M25, if you see the soft clipping light illuminate, seek urgent medical attention. Share This Page Tweet. Dynamic EQ preserves the impact of movie soundtracks at all listening levels, while Dynamic Volume prevents large loudness jumps when commercials come on, and TV channels or video sources are changed. Sonos Amp Streaming Amplifier Review. I checked this against the Anthem Statement P5, both amps driven by the M15 surround preamp. A runthrough of Pixar’s Up on Blu-ray rapidly becoming one of my favoured test discs provided a veritable cornucopia of colour and shading, with Carl’s facial detailing and expressions making the poignant parts of the film all the more heart-rending.

What options did you go for? There was no discernible difference between the Saturn and the latter file formats. Three independent zones, masses of CI features and an RS interface, PC-programmable remote control, a much slicker GUI, iPod dock connection, second remote and enough hard-core audiophile components to keep music lovers happy. Something I’ve not generally heard from other amplifiers whilst auditioning various units. Leave this field blank. Just had a loan of a M I am ofcause thinking of the HD2 with pro and XT.

Multiple connections at the rear with two subs out. This circuit engages a seris high-voltage rail that nearly doubles the continuous power on a short-term dynamic basis for huge peaks.

NAD Masters Series M15 HD – preamplifier / processor – 7.2 channel

Rebiew, bold and brazen-sounding, if lacking in subtlety as a whole. All of the constituent features and parts of the M56 add up to a cracking package, but jaster pudding wasn’t quite the proof it should have been. I watched and listened to dozens of other movies with the Masters Series gear and was never disappointed by what I heard. Leave this field blank. Apr 15, at The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Monoprice Monolith 7 Amplifier Review.


The new M56, M15HD, M25 setup loses little in raw drive and energy but adds a layer of class and refinement to elevate the system into the next league. May 31, at Yet on movies I sometimes felt that while the system was always eminently listenable, some soundtracks seemed just a shade too sweet and laid back, lacking a bit of speed and incisiveness.

If you can get one really cheap it maybe worthwhile, however I would buy the Cambridge Azur or the Oppo models. ManBatMay 28, Apr 13, at 1: Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: The previous Masters Series setup was a strap-yourself-in-for-a-ride winner from the very first disc.

NAD Masters Series (M56 / M15HD / M25) review

NAD’s “Music First” design philosophy allows the space, scale, and transparency encoded in the directional sounds of Dolby and DTS surround soundtracks to push the boundaries of a listening room.

In testing the Cyrus Nac thought there was a subtle increase mastr the top end and base extension, but only very subtle and then only with certain tracks. Okay, the M25 power amplifier is the same potent, class AB, fun-loving seven channel beast, but the source and processor are much advanced on the old models.

It is a staunchly old-school analogue amplifier with a traditional mix of whopping great power supplies, capacitors that could store the average lightning strike and chunky copper bus bars you could run a passenger mono-rail on.

NAD launches Masters Series M15HD surround sound preamplifier | What Hi-Fi?

Jun 20, at Even the Wi-Fi network setup is a dream, and didn’t require any of the usual repositioning, continuously relocating the network, DNS protocol problems whatever the hell they are Seires the advantage of NAD’s modular concept goes further, by offering a degree of future-proofing. Segies old M15 won many admirers and a lot of international awards for its flexibility and all round sonic virtues, including an HCC Reference Status badge.


WebmonkeySep 1, Conclusion My only serious issues with the two NAD masters Series products on review here involve the video switching on the M ManBatJun 20, After that HDMI and source switching is silent. X processing, along with HDMI 2.

Big, complex pans lack the silky smoothness of the very best players and even the scrolling credits at the end could be a little more liquid and less jarring.

And with HD DVD and Blu-ray discs it was through the NADs that I first began to fully appreciate the improved audio quality available from those formats—even as had from the players’ standard digital coaxial output. Given the M25s power and current reserves, you would m15he be picking bits of speaker driver out of the sofa first. Good tight, warm and controlled. A runthrough of Pixar’s Up on Blu-ray rapidly becoming one of my favoured test discs provided a veritable cornucopia of colour and shading, with Carl’s facial detailing and expressions making the poignant deview of the film all the more heart-rending.

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