Emraan Hashmi is the chief guest. Harshad feels happy to learn about Nandini. Kabir also tries to do the same. Mukti confronts Abhimanyu for not showing up the previous night. Dhruv feels insecure as Aryaman tries to get close to Alya. Manik explains Nandini about getting back her job.

The FAB5 wants Navya to disclose who saved her to be able to join them. Nandini thanks Abhimanyu for the arrangements. They then argue over Nandini’s decision. Kabir’s mother tries to convince him into staying with him. Nandini tells Manik that Kabir’s drink was purposely spiked to know his truth. Nandini and Navya talk about Manik.

With Dhruv’s moment lost, Alia and Mukti engage in some tete-a-tete. Manik opens the gift sent by Soha to Nandini. Alya and Mukti discuss that Nandini has affected Manik. Manik gets angry with Nandini when she throws the gift out of the window.

Manik and Nandini contemplate what to do next. Nandini is appointed as the volunteer to welcome Mr. Harshad finds Manik’s phone and uses it as a medium to cause damage to FAB5. Later, everyone gathers around the pool. Dhruv tells Aliya that Manik had left Nandini for him. Nandini’s grandma is upset with her and goes back to Mangalore. There is tension between Manik and Panditji at Nandini’s house. Kabir’s mother comes to meet him at the college.


Dhruv prefers yeb stay away when the rest of the group come together. Fab5 return with a comeback show. Manik goes after Harshad for revenge.

Nyonika confronts Manik about the truth. Mukti enjoys spending her time with an ailing Abhimanyu. Manik’s mother goes to meet Harshad in the kausi. He is upset to know Harshad’s bad side. Manik gets in a fight. Nandini has gone missing and Manik looks for her. Doctor tells Manik’s friends about the condition of his hand. Mukti confronts Abhimanyu for not showing up the previous night.

Kaisi yeh yaariyan 196

FAB5 is epiwode clueless when Manik is taken away to custody. Soha tracks down Manik from Kabir’s phone. Kabir teases Nandini about Manik. A reserved Trilok Chaurasiya meets his music student, Nandini. Mukti is with Abhimanyu at the hospital but he doesn’t want her to be with him as he wants her to enjoy Holi.

Panditji gifts a chain to Nandini. Manik is upset with Nandini as she behaves that way. Nandini practises music with Dhruv and then meets Manik.

MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Episode – Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Written Updates

Manik arrives at Nandini’s house. Everyone come together and celebrate Raghav’s birthday. Nandini resolves to clear Manik’s name off the mtc. Raghav punishes the FAB5, Nandini and Navya by asking them to look for their music instruments hidden in a forest. Nandini requests Kabir to help her in keep Soha at bay from Manik.


Dhruv spots Alya paying money to the goons for harassing Nandini.

Kabir tells Raghav that Manik knows about him now. The band members start looking for Nandini and Manik.

Nandini and Manik get locked in the store room. Dhruv insults Nandini in front of everyone. Later, Manik appears in traditional attire that astonishes Nandini. Meanwhile, at the college, Manik Malhotra fumes at Nandini Murthy epksode she stops him from humiliating her college friend.

Manik wants Alya peisode stay away from him until the competition is over. Aryaman tries to make an impression on Alya. Kabir and Navya are unclear in the midst of their mothers’ expectations. Raghav sir asks all of them to prepare for the upcoming music competition. Dhruv turns out to be the only one mature amongst the arrogant five.

Nandini surprises Manik with a birthday party.

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