I know this to be true, but I’m thinking the reason for her to imitate him so well is because she has an excellent memory remember that tidbit? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. The prosecutors all leave tipsy, and are driven away. At the end of the day, they will learn to forgive and forget, especially when these two are made for each other. Period, Fantasy, Action, Romance Episodes: Hye Ri investigated the case and on the other hand, kept talking to In Woo. Meanwhile, Eun Ha Soo Jang Nara is a hardworking woman who goes from part-time job to part-time job with no prospects. On top of that, the briefcase markings were tested and showed that someone had swung a wrench against it.

Also, personally, I don’t think even for a minute that he treated her as a cheap piece of meat. Shin Hyun Soo Screenwriter: A touching Korean drama filled with comedy about a girl who finds happiness, friendship and love in the most unexpected way! And thank you both for having all those wonderful recaps every week. February 1, to February 2, Genre: October 17th, to December 20th, Air time: He hands her a bottle of juice because she looks tired, and she gratefully accepts. There are so many things to be said about this final part which lead to that kisssssssss.

The entire list of Korean Dramas have watched (2005-2016)

That’s exactly what I think. The police officer begins to take him back to his cell, but Go stops midway and decides to confess to Hye Ri. Do I have to add that Jung Sun is exasperated with that idea? I enjoy the plot, the chemistry, the acting and the actors. Ae Ja tries to brush it off, saying that their house is too small for a grown daughter. Could their love win over the adulterate world around them?


Seo Dong Gun was accused of the crime and died in prison.

2014 Korean Dramas List

And does she resort to dirty tricks in order to win her ex-husband back? Son Shin Dong Primcess appears and recognizes her as his prosecutor. I think this drama and the role of Ma Hye Ri was perfect for Kim So Yeon because she was so perfect with the character.

Once free, she jumps up and lightly smacks him on the head.

March 17th, to May 13th, Jimchidrama She runs right past him with a huge smile, but is surprised that he just continues running without acknowledging her. I won’t tell you that you should think like me, because I love our radical differences!

I can’t believe PP ended!!!

When a skilled Navy SEAL demolitions officer is framed as a traitor, he uses a fake marriage to assume a new identity and seek revenge. Like Could We Love? He calls her out for a private chat in the lounge which is witnessed by Jung Sun and asks if there is anything she needs to talk about.

As he grew up, he began to have an attractive appearance. Infant Hye-ri is looking from a balcony, this is the pre-muffin story.


An Angel’s Revenge depicts the story of a woman who is training to become a nun but falls off track when her older sister dies. Seeing her pitiful state, he drives her home.

What we’re watching by DB Staff. Jo Hyun Tak Screenwriter: The supporting characters were so well written. I’m so glad I continued with this drama, it’s one of the few dramas that got better by the ep!! Jung Sun thinks that this rposecutor like skipping a step ahem: Ooh — so she understands him now, eh?

May 18th, to August 3rd, Air time: Why is he so scared of her?

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She tells him that he would never have disappeared unless it was his attempt to completely forget about her, especially with such strong competition coming in the form of Yoon Se Joon. I never noticed it before but I’m glad you pointed it out. Romance, Musical, Comedy, Family Episodes: December 2nd, to May 30th, Air time: Thanks for translating the last bit This is the story of three detectives in their 20s who transform into year-olds overnight and detective who luckily stays young.

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