By having him attack the Gekirangers. In the Vermilion Bird, a mys Once they arrive to the store he sold the SoZyuTo to, they are confronted by its shopkeeper, Hanyon: Teacher and Student Love” Transcription: However, Elehung’s ideals and training methods differ from Xia Fu’s own, thus confusing Ran while Jyan and Retu attempt to fight Muzankose without her. However, once back, they find the Beast Origin Village in flames.

In the fiction of the series, all of the warriors of the 34 prior Super Sentai teams participated in the great Legend War to prevent the Earth from falling to the Space Empire Zangyack, and they gave up their powers to ensure Earth’s safety. The next day, a tired Jyan brings Miki to his room when Natsume starts acting strange, only to find her gone. During the fight, one of the sisters, Cherry, saved Retu from getting hurt. In his trance, Jyan’s hidden memory is unsealed as he reveals that a dragon wiped out village and its inhabitants before assuming a human form: At the same time, Jyan is out in town buying some menchi katsu , but a young man in a white jumpsuit buys the last one before Jyan can. Gorie completes his stack, while an upset Jyan was too frustrated to get one to stand. Though Sojo escapes, the fight was actually part of Dorou’s master plan to use the Rangers’ qi in his alchemy to create his Dorou Grain.

After Mere was taken, Rio loses his fighting spirit and runs off in a desperate state of mind on his purpose. Once she managed to learn how to deflect their attack, Jyan realizes that she is “Kena-Kena” ambiguous in terms of affiliation. This is an inclusive list of science fiction television programs whose names begin with the letter S. While their plans to stop the marriage interview fail, Jyan senses a “zowazowa” but the scent is different. The shows are of the tokusatsu genre, featuring live action characters and colorful special effects, and are aimed at children.

List of Juken Sentai Gekiranger episodes. Epksode Kodomotachi ” Japanese: But at the last second, the Twin Phantoms tag each other using Sojo’s illusion to evade their opponents’ respective deathblows. Months later, while showing his skills to a group of children in Hong Kong, Jyan meets a boy who looks similar to a young Rio, taking him under his wing.

Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 9 0.

When Ran finds Retu after the fight, she’s shocked to see him as an infant and Jyan is a young child. Member feedback sentzi Kamen Rider Den-O: The Gekirangers follow, but Jyan, Ran, and Retu are suddenly overcome as the Ringi Rio had placed on them earlier finally takes effect.


List of Juken Sentai Gekiranger episodes

Pages using infobox media franchise with unknow The boy does manage to escape, but so does Tsuneki, who fires an jhuken into the air to begin his plan. Seeing Mere to be Rio’s true final attachment, taking her so Rio can become the Destroyer for good. While the Gekirangers were outmatched by Mere testing her newfound powers on them, Shiyuu took advantage to get revenge on Retu. Xia Fu adds that it would be more of a victory for Rio to defeat the Gekirangers when they all obtain the Kageki.

Retu attempts to use his Technique, but Biao counters easily. During gekirajger training session involving window-washing, Ran reveals to Jyan that just fighting to win sebtai not always Retu’s goal; to him, true victory is obtained when he beats his opponent at their own game.

Though the two had Dorinki, the Kensei overpowered Rio and Mere.

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Date with a Celebrity [ edit ]. Science fiction lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Elehung also revealed the item they had delivered to him was the Geki Hammer which Ran is to master to fight Muzankose. The three Kenma then teach the Gekirangers to master their fighting styles and ultimate technique.

Though he refused at first, Bat Li changes his mind when Retu shows him his abilities. After Rio and Mere finally express their feelings to each other, they force their Genki out of their bodies to Long’s horror as he runs out to tell Sanyou to kill them all so they can start anew.

Months later, while showing his skills to a group of children in Hong Kong, Jyan meets a boy who looks similar to a young Rio, taking him under his wing.

Dan’s own son, Jyan. Long then appears, telling her that she served her purpose and liquifies her before taking her staff to present to Rio. Mere refuses and angrily kills Braco, only to learn that he is the True Poison user when he used his power to revive himself after receiving the deathblow.

While Ran is being tended to, Miki brings out the new weapon for Retu and tells Jyan and Ran to give it to him once he has completed his training. But the Gekirangers managed to master the Kaleido Spiral Jump in time to get the cure, with Rio calling off the attack for now. After pondering on what to do with the sealed Long, Jyan suggests to be his jailer, with him, Ran, and Retu deciding to take their own students to ensure Long would never be freed.


Gou then attempts to reason and then punch Retu, gekirangerr both failed as Retu tells him that he has chosen his path long ago, before being informed by Miki that Ran and Jyan are in trouble. In order to win, Mere uses Infinite Waves on herself to fight at full strength despite her own internal pain.

Swearing on Rio and Mere’s sacrifice while putting on the Kenma’ Bracelet, Jyan intends to stop Long once and for all. Miki holds them off until the Gekirangers arrive and counter with their dancing.

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This epksode out true when Retu’s reflection comes to life and drags Retu into the mirror world so he can take the original’s place, with Retu episod the reflection. With that, Rio tells Geki Red to kill Maku and end their masters’ war before they settle their own.

Juuken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 34 0. Learning that happiness is a needed element in any situation, a “different” Ran uses the Geki Hammer to help her friends and defeat Muzankose in time. But Rageku arrives during their fight and uses her Ringi on the seven to send them all back in time as Maku ordered. In his trance, Jyan’s hidden memory is unsealed as he reveals that a dragon wiped out village and its inhabitants before assuming a human form: Shukumei no Taiketsu ” Japanese: Soon after, he and Retu fight due to the loss until Ran gets them to stop.

Though swayed by the notion of being truly alive, Mere snaps Braco’s fingers off and kills him on the spot while telling him she gets that feeling of “true life” by staying at Rio’s side.

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