Only Oversoulable enemies listed. Be sure to view all Zanarkand Ruins commsphere transmissions in full, before and after Tobli Hunt mission Chapter 5? He’ll be in plain sight here, but still trying to elude Yuna to prevent her from catching up with him. Table of Contents G Sections of this guide. Ch5 Excavation – Fiend Colony. For this CH we can capture all Cactuars or in case you have already caught up to six possible Cactuars in CH3, only four are left to go.

Throwing millions of gil will easily net you 99, damage. Ch1 Djose – Bikanel. Speak with Issaru inside the Dome Chapter 4? As you’ll run S, you’ll spot some feathers on the ground. In it type the word you’re looking for and you should be taken to it immediately. Table of Contents G Sections of this guide. You need to bring its Attack, Defense and Special levels to 5. Talk to him or the girl nearby and pick [All aboard!

So far I’ve covered fair amount of sidequests, with only few still missing information on how to complete them.

Final Fantasy X-2 Episode Complete Requirements (PS2) @ Gaming Target

Quite soon you’ll spot Proceeding to floor 60 will pit you against Concherer. Breaking any of these rules is in direct violation of copyright law. Ch2 Besaid – Moonflow.

Keep around or return to Celsius, your choice. When you kill 9th Rhyos, scene occurs and red arrow will appear in minimap – so follow it, but before you make it to point of impact, you may want to save your progress. Entrance to Cactuar Hollow is now sealed, but there’s an army of Cactuars in the middle of Cactuar Nation – you can challenge them to cact-war yet again.


I have read elsewhere that you actually get the option to go on stage in chapter 2 or x2 but obviously it doesn’t happen until chapter 5, can somebody please confirm tinal as I didn’t get any such option in either chapters 2 or 3.

Round them up and bring them home to the Cactuar Nation! Seek out four more walls like this one – two are to the left of ‘eater-wall’ and two are to the right of ‘eater-wall’.

Commander Lucil will be the judge of that. Make haste to where the strange door is and examine it. They both board Celsius, so do the same.

Final Fantasy X-2 – Optional Mission FAQ

You’re not alone in your digging attempts – there is one other digger that will try to beat you to buried treasure, so you need to move fast. The machina deployed along the Mi’ihen Highroad have started attacking innocent people.

Obviously, using the 2 is easier. Now touch fantay Cactuar and complete the minigame doesn’t matter if you win and needles are yours. Yooohooo, Red Riding Hood Chac awaits you on floor But do return to Mushroom once again.

Final Fantasy X-2

Why did episodf get Episode Concluded for Mount Gagazet? But who cares about that? If it’s looking in Yuna’s direction, don’t press anything. It’s comppete to kick some high ass, then! Select top choice to start the mission. Prepare yourselves well for the upcoming series of boss battles – first two battles are fought by Yuna alone make sure Yuna has white mage job on her GG!


Talk to either of them and when prompted, choose [You’re on, Beclem. Damir Kolar’s Contributor page http: Now go to fantay – spring 2′ – if you have accomplished sidequest mission Head to the already known X cross and take NE exit – talk with all three small musicians for something to appear.

Although not really a sidequest mission, I treat it like so.

Be careful if you encounter any Tonberries – prolly you’re way underpowered to take it on, so escaping might be your best option for now. Watched all scenes on the commspheres during chapter 4. For your convenience I’ve inserted special search codes near every section to help you easily hop on to that section by using search code fonal. Legal information G Copyright protection and legal info.

If you start without that, you will not meet the requirement to get Mascot. Share directly to my status.

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