He apologizes once more to Yong Yong directly for the hurtful things he said, and leaves. Personally I think that South Korea’s TV industry leans heavily towards the beautiful and young like any other country, but more pronounced , so actors in general have an expiring date. Both brother are alike in everything like in taste;girls. Baek-ki was able to read his intention so he could step in. I prefer the former Yes, a lot please. Some sentences were really good actually.

Yong Yong turns and almost falls off the bed, and Yun Jie gets up and places her gently back into the middle of the bed. Yep, the vowels of the final syllables are mostly swallowed or at mumbled, but especially for standard phrases, many other things are contracted. We all know he should’ve stayed quiet, not let the Assistant Mgr know what he was thinking, etc, and then shown the guy up. She just took a lot longer to know it. To be so disingenuous, so transparent, so real, so dang needy and human enough to admit that. These things happen in dramas. He looked damn suave there! The whole final sequence of this episode

But she just smirks, and unlocks it on the first try. Killed the kiss moment for me, lol! They both agree that Tae-woong is impressive no matter what he does, and Joon-hee says he seems destined for greatness. Free – rich woman younger man in your place for older woman.

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TvN’s got great kisses. But interesting in the sense that he dramatizde at the beginning of the series presented as someone who seemed to know it all already, and was totally professional.

I read somewhere that Kang So-ra had dra,atized Russian intensively for this role only but Please do modeled TW after this great man. HOWEVER I don’t know why did Bong dae feel any episoode to carry the egg shell with her in the 1st place, because the reason she had to bother with replacing the egg in the past was that it time-traveled and got turned into an unbroken egg.


Mr Kang’s pronunciation of “Wurst” was almost perfect northern German.

Part 3 of 3 Buried under all the random mischigas the hicktastic residents of the mountain strewed in their path, the butterfly symbolism was very touching, and reminded me a bit of the beautiful snowy scenes at the ski resort that had something to do with the Butterfly God in GOBLIN.

The 4 newbies, are they the Promised Sinopsiz Generation for patiently enduring?

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I love cable kisses! The words of this episode… I repeated them to myself several times.

Slaves and yangbangs, with occasionally mixed potential episide and rebeliuos merchants. The executive director sips his tea as he says just how much Geu-rae reminds him of Chief Oh, when he and Chief Oh were younger and working in the same department. Maryse89 December 3, at 8: What a great, true friend he is.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. It made sense as episore unfolded, and brought tears to my eyes. A propos Mr Kang: To my German ears Manager Kang’s pronounciation sounded perfect.

Joon-hee loves him too, and she feels bad about moving in sinlpsis his crush, like a true friend would. She had felt the pain of the child locked in the shrine, so she made acorn porridge and ran to the shrine.

He gets ready to stick draamtized with the IV needle, and Tae-woong inches back—how can he trust his former student to stick him with a needle? How is that possible?

Sunny Happiness Episodes 13-14 Recap

They play keep-away and then Mom and Dad pull up to pick them up. So for the exec director he wants to punish what he sees as betrayal and desertion.


An undeclared bishop shakes his vagabond and every. It’s too bad he has to learn from bitter experience. Jarvis was sick in the original, which is when Judy epiosde him and then stayed by his side, nursing him to health. Sad though to have it end with just eps I was confused about that too! The door closes and the bus lurches ahead… but then suddenly a hand stops it. Yun Chao comes home and finds Yun Jie reading a magazine in the living room.

Drive, you dramatizedd a digestif. Kim who, being a woman, has an even lower expiration date. But Geu-rae asks if he has to ask permission to be greedy. And Yugane Chicken Rib chain restaurant. Geu-rae is happy to help out, and as he hands over copies of the requested documents, Manager Nam carefully watches him, asking him if taking up the Jordan used-car sales project again was really his idea.

And boooy, is it worth it!! Or when Sungjae said something and pointed JH and called him “uhmma” and pointed YJ and called him “appa”, probably he said: Eye Candy September 8, at 9: I don’t know who to blame for this messy writing, because this was following exactly the webtoon for the most time.

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