My daughter is profoundly deaf , she has 2 cochlear implants which were fitted this year. Love what your doing for the hearing impaired xx. Just wish there was more cinemas doing subtitled cinema. Mum always misses out on going to the cinema! My two boys are aged 6 and 9 and require access to subtitled films. I’ve never experienced that watching an English language film before and it’s all thanks to the magic of subtitles at the cinema. I am deaf and this is the 1st time that I and all my deaf friends get to enjoy the cinema. The descriptions of the facial expressions were useful.

They ripped off my idea about Santa going to jail. Subtitles in the cinema will be such a boost to her social life as she grows up. As a child I went with my Dad to watch the movies and it was a great experience to finally be able to go with my son. It is such a lovely building and the furnishings in the bar and lounge areas are really comfortable. Please show more subtitled screenings! For a blind person like me, audio description makes sense of the film. My wife is deaf, as well as one of my children.

Thanks for the great work you do, it’s amazing being able to go to the cinema with captions. More of these, please! My mate and I saw Skyfall last night and the film, together with the Vinema, was fantastic! Without subtitles I can’t go to the cinema or follow films- simples!

There dont seem to be many sustitled films in Peterborough, I have to drive an hour to Milton Keynes. Hopefully more showings at reasonable times and days! Use subtitles all the time.

cinemz I hope every deaf people must have access to watch cinema with subtitle or audio. I’m blind, have optic nerve hypoplasia, audio descriptive films help me to experience films. They make going to the cinema more enjoyable! I rarely see my blind brother smile, but watching a film in the cinema with him with audio description is one of those times. More subtitled doncasetr please also can you include subtitles in the elderly screening. That was before I went blind!


My wife and I are regular filmgoers for 30 years. I love Star Wars because i am biggest fan of Star Wars.

Went to see Spectre, got A Bug’s Life – Vue Cinema

Reviewed November 2, cinnema mobile Excellent Cinema Experience. Review tags are currently only available for English language reviews. As a film buff, I would love to see American Hustle with subtitles anywhere in Central London one day. I watched the original in the cinema with my Dad when I was a kid, and watched the later ones with my kid. We go once every two months, but would go once a week if their were more choice of film times. My 13 year old daughter is desperate to go to the cinema, like her friends, but as she is deaf it is a waste of time as she cannot follow what is happening.

What a Rip off! – Review of Vue Cinema, Halifax, England – TripAdvisor

Being blind and not having access to audio description for a film, is just like being sighted and been given a book, but only being allowed to read every other page. I managed to take my dad to the Manchester Odeon cinema to see a film. I would love to see the ‘The Imitation Game’ with subtitles and came across your website whilst searching! I am nearly totally deaf and need subtitles to watch tv or films. RNIB yourlocalcinemalists audio described cinema listings and dvds tweeted to 20, followers.

I have only seen 1 subtitled movie with someone I support in the community, we docnaster such an enjoyable time, I wish Southend would show these films more often!!

Thought you might like to know of our experience attending a subtitled film in Salisbury 12th February. I would be like to most a excellent to the Star Wars and I am deaf my wish to movie with subiblte very improve be big a star war! I’m blind, have optic nerve hypoplasia, audio descriptive films help me to experience films.


Went to see Spectre, got A Bug’s Life – Vue Cinema, York Traveller Reviews – TripAdvisor

I went to see Star Wars last week and I was so excited, and looking forward to watching the films like that. I can remember watching Empire Strike back as a boy without subtitle in those day and when Vader said to Luke ‘I’m your father’, I thought he said I want you to join me as it was impossible to lipread Vader! I know several people for whom they make a marvellous difference and it improves their English too!

Don’t even talk to me about Sky who still cannot provide downloaded tv with subtitles! I love it when it is available and feel it should be applied to every film released on a least one day and one night showing, more if the film is shown for longer than one week.

Audio descripted films let blind and visually impaired people watch the film and get a real sense of what is happening…What are the characters feeling?

Last week went to vuecinemas to see captioned Steve Job. So I was amazed to discover how much facial expression can tell you about a person. The general public sometimes underestimate the challenges the hearing impaired face at the cinema.

If only dkncaster would do this with more movies.

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