I had read that a few pinholes won’t harm,but I’d still rather a more substantial filter,mind you after reading the comments here,maybe I’m being a little too cautious. The film is OK as supplied, and should last a long time Thanks for your valuable advices. Astro-optical tell me that they can have them custom made for any scope to fit OTA to the mm , so it’s a snug fit. In fact, I used a IR-Cut filter to protect the camera sensor. Or sign in with one of these services.

However it will not show any prominences. Held it up to the sun to check,Three pin holes!! There was a lot of broken cloud around but I still had an unobscured view for a few minutes at a time as the clouds drifted past, but never managed to see anything through the eyepiece. This means that only 0. I decided not too long after buying mine that I’d only use it for photographic work, I simply don’t like risking my eyeball. Yes if i remember correctly my film also had this i peeled it off,checked for pinholes hold the film up to a light bulb and then put together the filter as per the instructions. I purchased a ready made astrosolar filter for my old Nexstar 4 from David Hinds and promptly returned it after observing pinholes while holding it to a bright light.

So either I have super bright lights which I don’t or 0. Mounting the Baader film between any sort of cover plates is bad news and they all affect the final image. All processes connected to this product have been thoroughly tested. Other films and most glass filters produce a blurry bluish or reddish Solar image, thereby cutting part of the spectrum. It works well and doesnt effect image quality providing you use a minimum size patch.

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They are not all over the whole sheet but in several relatively localised areas. Our Safety Film shows notably more sharpness and contrast than any competitive product we know of, especially including all affordable US-Glass Objective Filters.

Sky At Night • baader astro solar safety film, any experience? : Equipment Advice

Sign in with Twitter. I keep them stored in Tupperware containers. I’ve used Baader solar film for a few years and haven’t had any pinholes – I just now checked it again after your post Steve.


I have sokar Baader customer service in the past and they simply ignore emails.

I’ll give the filter a go tomorrow if the clouds clear, but I’ll invest in a solid glass filter after that. Hope this helps Ernie. Scary that you found so many. I will think about it as i am also paranoid about little holes and blindness. If there’s nothing, try a phone camera, then finally your eye. I haven’t found any in my film yet but I have been waiting for them to appear, it feels like such flimsy stuff.

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The pinholes are indeed very tiny except for one that is not very tiny, just tiny. Must be in the manufacturing baaer as the Film is brand new and used for the first time. Quick question about Baader solar film. Then shock horror, on close inspection at a halogen desk lamp: Last time I used it,it was put away still perfect.

You can block them with Tippex or similar, if they are annoying. I bought the thousand oaks film, Zero pinholes and a pleasant orange colour when viewing as baadet. How old is your sheet of it?

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Does anyone have an experience with baader astro solar safety film? Best regards, Team Baader. Maybe I’m being a little paranoid about it as thousands of people use it all the time,but I feel safer projecting the Sun’s image or using a more robust type such as the thousand oaks filter that Dave mentioned.

Got it out today to use. I’ve been fortunate enough to get Ving’s offcuts – large enough still for full aperture on my ETX refractor. So they are actually expecting you to find pinholes in the stuff!

If others worry, I note with some awe! Almost all the metal film filters I have ever seen do, except the Questar ones and they cost a LOT more. A 6″ scope should be a nice aperture for solar observing Held it up to the sun to check,Three pin holes!!


Posted January 27, Hi, I have used this stuff for a while, it is great for showing up sun spots, But as other members pinhopes said it is the type of thing you have to triple check before using.

Rather than use a “texta” I would put a dob of white out on the hole, just to be sure! Ive used it a few times, but I am a bit nervous I must admit – There are a few faint pin holes here and there. You need to hold the film right up to a bright lightsource to see the pinholes easily.

Baader solar film pin holes!!

No try in itif it’s brand newyou have a right to have it replaced or a full refund if it’s defective. Sign up for a new account in filn community. I’ve used baader for ages and found it to be pinholrs quite good. Hi Tim, I have had a Oaks filter for my Celestron 20cm for over twenty years, it has some pin holes in it which I just put some whiteout on and have had no trouble observing the Sun and also imaging it in that time.

This is brand new stuff I have here.

Sky At Night • Quick question about Baader solar film : Equipment Advice

So far I am not blind, but I am worried that there might be some cumulative effect for long term observation I have absolutely no wrinkles or holes over the 60 mm or so that I’m covering.

Thanks for your valuable advices. In case of OD 5. All the filters i’ve seen have been covered in tiny dots.

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