In amazing days Tom will learn about relationships, reconciliations a good Ex never dies , Love, Lose and most importantly about moving forward. Tom is like every other guy, and every guy knows of a girl like Summer. The story is not in direct order as it goes back and forth from different days Tom remembers his life and relationship with Summer. In the end nothing lasts forever, relationships begin, relationships end. The girl they want, but can’t have. Maybe its the beautiful cinematography? Whether it’s the, “Lets just be friends,” or the all too familiar, “It’s not you, it’s me,” tactic, as long as you’re not on the receiving end it becomes a question of, “How quickly can I get this over with, so I can move on with my life? Now talk about great performances, this ones got two.

Their chemistry is really what makes the film a joy to watch. When remembering, we may not remember every detail in order. Marvelous actor, marvelous performance, marvelous film. This goddess of all things shabby chic doesn’t believe in love, furthermore she doesn’t want to be held down by a relationship. He counts with a beautifully crafted screenplay and two sensational leading performances and that’s where the success of this comedy resides. Who cares about stock or cartoonish characters in love. They said this movie wasn’t going to be a love story, but that’s simply not true cause I feel all warm and fuzzy after watching this flick. Levitt captures the struggle of the neurotic “boy in love” exceptionally through all of his various stages of emotional imbalance.

Anyone who has taken the lyrics of the Smiths too closely to heart, would be moved by the idea of the person they are crushing on sing to them: It’s just there for us to dive into. We choose what we want to remember.

She’s all over this dummer, easily one of her top performances to date. And Joseph Gordon Levitt, well, this young man is something else. The film highlights two young stars on the rise. The rest of the cast rounds out nicely with a few supporting folks like Clark Gregg who plays Tom’s square Boss and Geoffrey Arend who is good for a few good sidekick chuckles. It’s a match made in Ikea Heaven, but wait there is a twist here!


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The film can be pretty much summed up in one of the first ot of the film. A clever, offbeat romantic comedy, Days of Summer sunmer refreshingly honest and utterly charming.

Ballgames, barbecues, amusement parks, and movies, summer is just a time to sit back, relax and enjoy. He has such vliis charm about him that glows and an easy smile that jumps off the screen, plus much like Heath he has the chops to take it dark and lonesome with sincerity if the flick requires. An offbeat romantic comedy about a woman who doesn’t believe true love exists, and the young man who falls for her.

It’s funny, unique, and true to life. So begins the season of love, the Days of Summer. Deschanel it must be said that JGL gives such a strong performance that he clearly owns this movie all the way till the very end. You want Zooey, you got Zooey. For Tom, it’s a little bit of both.

It is again a confirmation that treating your audience with respect will pay off somewhere along the line. The film shows the good and the bad of love, relationships, and life. Their chemistry is really what makes the film a joy to watch.

An omniscient narrator sets the film up early on by noting “this is not a love story. When vlus, we may not remember every detail in order. May that be the good, or the bad. What undoubtedly ends up making this picture so brilliant is how relatable it is to its victims and victimizers a like. Levitt captures the struggle of the neurotic “boy in love” exceptionally through all of his various stages of emotional imbalance. But you should know up front, this is not a love story.


wummer Their creative way of crafting the simple concept of a break up through unconventional story structuring is a refreshing concept that begs to be seen more in a world where most conventional films tend to play it safe. It is an astonishing piece of work for a first time feature film director.

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These movies forget about human feelings. I haven’t seen a romance this touching since I was the same type of single sad sack as depicted by the hero of Days of Summer. See it, believe it. I was involved in their peculiar relationship because there isn’t a hint of shallowness in their back and fourth.

Those ocean blue eyes, that voice, that smile, those eyes He doesn’t know what to think. It makes you notice the little things in relationships. The colors and landscape are all complimentary to the movie, downtown LA never looked so nice!

These are real everyday people. Tom falls in das with Summer from the start. When that bomb finally blows up in his face, it unfolds with powerful simplicity– no exposition or dialog, just two juxtaposed events that capture the heartache of reality hitting a person who sees a person through the filter of some deep-seeded emotions that where planted at too young an age.

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